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The look and feel of Chelsea is not at all unlike that of its southern neighbor, the West Village. Chelsea too boasts beautiful brownstones and cozy tree-lined streets full of quaint shops, flavorful cafes and colorful nightlife. However the area is more spread out and is set in a grid-like structure versus the West Village. Nevertheless, Chelsea does have a similar, indescribable 'neighborhood' feel that makes it so appealing. 

While many neighborhoods are defined by its streets, Chelsea's avenues define much of its flair, and Seventh through Ninth Avenues are the most active commercial thoroughfares in the area. Newer developments, both commercial and residential, are cropping up further west as the Chelsea area continues to sprout up as the last remaining developmental frontier of Manhattan. The revitalization of the Highline railway system along Tenth Avenue, now an incredible park and recreation destination, has much to do with the neighborhood???s growth, especially in this specific niche of Chelsea. What???s more, in recent history, Chelsea has been dotted with several modern high-rise buildings, though none overshadow its most storied building, 23rd Street's own famous Hotel Chelsea. 

The Flatiron District just to the East, named for the historic triangle-shaped building that splits Broadway and Fifth Avenue at 23rd Street and stretches south, emerged as Chelsea's cousin. This as-popular area is mainly comprised of lofts and tenement buildings, many of which were built in the early part of the 20th Century.

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